Oct 15, 2013

Interesting Animated Short I found on Feedweb this morning

The one element I found hard to swallow was that Obama spent 300 million chasing down State-Legalized, Prescription Card Holding, Cannabis Users, as well as State Permitted Growers, and Tax Paying Dispensary Owners. All while children in the US are starving, and Petafiles, Murderers, and Rapists are walking the streets due to overcrowded prisons which are full of Pot Smokers, Growers etc...
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Aug 19, 2013

Micka Mex Serves Up Delicious Chipoltle-Style HipHop

Micka Mex and several special guest performers including KO, and DJ St. Chuck brought down the house at Rooks Gameday in Maryland Heights, St. Louis this past Saturday Night. The Red Carpet event brought fans from a dozen different counties to see a handful of underground St. Louis Rap Artists. The Micka Mex Crew had no problem packing the house at 10 bucks a head and delivered as promised by keeping everyone on their feet all night long. DJ St. Chuck spun the vinyl for 4 straight hours without a glitch and effortlessly customized every mix thrown at him from the half-dozen different Rap artists that took the stage. The event was well planned and jam packed with extra curicular activities for all those wishing to get into the spotlight, either on stage, on the dance floor, or even with a photo-op with the Micka Mex Crew as they took time to hit it with every fan, friend, or curious hip shakin' onlookers. If you get a chance to check out a show from Micka Mex, even if your not a dedicated Rap/HipHop fan, don't pass it up. You will be surely be a fan of this genre after 4 or 5 hours of partying with this crew and their party-hard-all-night following.

For more information on Micka Mex, check out their new video here or read the full review of the event at www.Moneymakerspy.com.

Jul 12, 2013

Blues News - Insiders Edition

  • This is hot off the Bob Corritore Newsletter Press - Please visit Bob's Site if you can, he is one of the most upstanding Bluesman I have had the pleasure of meeting. Bob is also one of today's Top (talented) Blues Music Artists - that said... here's the Blues News!
2012 Sugarbox CBG

  • Voting For Living Blues Awards ends Monday! Please Vote! The 2013 Living Blues Awards represent a reflection of the blues music industry through eleven categories of achievement. Voting is open to everyone! We are pleased to announce that the Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore CD is up for "Best Blues Album," and Bob Corritore is nominated for "Most Outstanding Musician (Harmonica)." Bob Corritore won in the harmonica category last year and you can click here to see last year's award certificate! Voting is going on as we speak and will conclude on July 15th. There is a voting ballot inside the latest issue of Living Blues. You can also vote online at www.livingblues.com. Just go to the site and click the vote icon! Thank you Living Blues!
  • Dave Riley / Bob Corritore Juke Joint Blues Band appear Saturday at the Rhythm Room! This Saturday in Phoenix, the Rhythm Room presents a night of raw, real juke-joint blues with the Dave Riley / Bob Corritore Juke Joint Blues Band! Filling out the band are Dave's son Dave "Yahni" Riley, Jr. and guest drummer Tom Coulson who is substituting from Brian Fahey that night. Tom Coulson appeared on Dave and Bob's first two CDs; the BMA nominated Travelin' The Dirt Road and Lucky To Be Living, both released on the Blue Witch record label. The Rhythm Room is located at 1019 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85014 - www.rythmroom.com. To see the flyer for this eventclick here.
Patricia & Magic Slim 2011

  • Dave Riley / Bob Corritore to release 3rd CD this fall! Cover Art unveiled! The road tested, rowdy, down-home blues formula of Dave Riley & Bob Corritore will see its 3rd CD release on Sept 17th with Hush Your Fuss. Bob and Dave have been making music together since 2005 (8 years) and there is an unspoken sameness of purpose in their performances. The CD is titled Hush Your Fuss! and will be released on the Southwest Music Arts label in tandem with the VizzTone Label Group. Rarely these days do you find such an album of down home blues songwriting as will be presented here for this set of mostly original songs. Here is a sneak peak at the beautiful CD cover designed by Tony Amato and with a great image by photographer Dave BlakeClick here to see.  
  • Bear Family Records releases the complete early recordings of Dr. Ross! Isaiah "Doctor" Ross was a Mississippi born singer/guitarist/harmonica player who was often known as a one-man band for playing these instruments simultaneously (harmonica in a neck rack) along with foot-pedaled drums. He would become popular in Memphis and develop a repeated riff melodic that became is trademark. His recordings are deep south down-home blues at its finest. So it is with great pleasure that we can say that the amazing Bear Family label has released Juke Box Boogie featuring 32 vintage recordings (1950s and early 1960s) from the SunChess, and Fortune labels. For more information on this great recording click here! For an example of Dr. Ross's sound click here.
  • Photos from recent Brazil Blues Fest posted on Facebook! Henry Gray, Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore recently traveled to Pocos de Caldas, Brazil to headline last weekend's Pocos & Jazz Festival. Photos from this wonderful and well-received occasion have been posted on Facebook and can be seen at www.facebook.com/bobcorritore. Thank you Brazil!
Me and Louisiana Red

  • YouTube clip B.B. King and Bobby Bland Live On Soul Train! Please enjoy this 1975 clip of the great combo of B.B. King and Bobby Bland together on Soul Train, complete with an intro interview by show host Don Cornelius! B.B. and Bobby do a slow blues medley that includes "My Own Fault" and "Sweet Little Angel" and you can see the fun they are having! Click here to see.

Oh Yeah!

Mar 19, 2013

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Mar 1, 2013

Bob Margolin Releases New eBook - "Steady Rollin'!"

VizzTone founding partner, world-famous blues guitarist, author, and all-around hell-of-a-guy Bob Margolin has released his first eBook,STEADY ROLLIN’!   Featuring great stories and photos from Bob’s many years on the road with Muddy Waters and others, as well as his inspired musings and (intentional) Blues fiction.  It’s available NOW on Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook.
In Bob’s own words, “It’s a collection of my best Blues Revue columns, snapshots, and Blues fiction from my 40 years on the road in the Blues World. These are the stories I would tell you, and the photos I’d show you on my iPhone, if we were hanging out in an alley behind a Blues club.”

Feb 21, 2013

RIP Morris "Magic Slim" Holt - August 7, 1937 to February 21, 2013

RIP Morris "Magic Slim" Holt - August 7, 1937 to February 21, 2013. 

Magic Slim playing a Sugarbox Guitar at the BMA's 2009
With the passing of Magic Slim we say farewell to one of the greatest traditional Chicago blues artists of our time. Magic Slim died of complications from a breathing disorder after weeks of hospitalization. He was 75. Though a great singer, guitarist and band leader, it was Magic Slim's undeniable personality that set him apart. He could play heartfelt, rough and tumble Chicago blues with a zest that was unmatched. Every part of Magic Slim's being was the blues - his geographical path, his hard partying, fun loving personality, and his far traveling, dedicated lifestyle. Magic Slim's patented two guitar driven Chicago blues sound was both a concert hall pleaser and a dance floor filler. He had, perhaps the largest repertoire in the blues, knowing thousands of songs that he could call upon at any time. Living Blues Magazine put it this way; "Magic Slim consistently offers no-frills houserockin’ blues. He and his band are a national treasure." Born in rural Mississippi to a farming life, Slim lost his little finger in a cotton gin accident at a young age, but that did not seem to hinder his guitar playing. He arrived on the Chicago blues scene in the mid 1960s initially to a luke-warm response, but after recruiting his brother Nick to play bass, Magic Slim & the Teardrops were formed, and in 1966 their first single "Scuffin" was released. Some years later, Slim's 1975 single "I Wonder Why" produced by Steve Cushing (then a drummer in Slim's band) won high praise for it's raw, gutsy sound.

Magic, Alonzo, and Shane at the 2009 Blues Music Awards
Throughout the mid 1970s Slim and his tough band worked the south and north side clubs every night of the week, gaining a huge following and getting the attention of promoters and record labels. Europe embraced Slim with numerous tours and record releases on labels such as MCM, Black & Blue, Isabel and later Wolf Records for whom Slim would record many albums. Magic Slim was also part of the highly celebrated 1978 Alligator Records compilation series Living Chicago Blues earning much US airplay among blues DJs. Slim's band became noted for the second guitarist who would play an essential role in the Slim's sound and who would open the sets before Slim took over the microphone. This guitar role was defined early on by the great work of Junior Pettis AKA "Daddy Rabbit. After Pettis left the band a long legacy of artists served as the Teardrops' second guitarist including Pete Allen, James Wheeler, Jake Dawson, Jon McDonald, and of course John Primer who's 13 year tenure with this band starting in 1983 is highly celebrated, and served as a launching pad for John's own powerful career. In 1994 Slim moved from Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska where he had played for years prior as a popular attraction at the Zoo Bar. In 2009 Slim's beloved brother and longtime musical partner, Nick Holt passed away. Slim's son, Shawn "Lil' Slim" Holt has emerged as a great young talent and has been a feature of some of Slim's more recent shows. Slim's last release, Bad Boy on the Blind Pig label was released in mid 2012. A movie called "We Be Kings" was in the works that would have featured Magic Slim as it's lead character in a fictional story of a rediscovered blues man.

Magic and Aunt Patty relaxing a bit before the show
We can look back at Magic Slim's long and fruitful career and see a man who has lived his dreams. After humble beginnings, working hard to garner his respect, Slim's persistent and consistent work earned him a rightful place as one of the greatest blues artists of his time. Slim's recordings will live as a permanent testament to his greatness with over 30 albums released on labels such as Alligator, Wolf, MCM, Black & Blue, Candy Apple, Rooster Blues, Red Lightnin', Delmark, Evidence, Isabel, Storyville, Tone Zone, and most recently, Blind Pig Records who have annually released top quality albums by this great artist. He received numerous awards and nominations for his recordings. his band and for his role as a uncompromising traditional blues artist. Thanks to Slim's manager Marty Salzman and road manager Michael Blakemore for their amazing behind the scenes support work. Also thanks to the booking work of Max Cooperstein, Concerted Efforts, Adrian Flores, and Jillina Arrigo for their contributions over the years. Slim always lived his life on his terms and he met and exceeded his dreams. We can look back and think of all the times that he brought a smile to our face. He was the consummate bluesman and we will always love him for that. May he now rest in peace after his tireless work here on earth. We thank God for blessing us with the blues of Magic Slim.

Mar 30, 2011

Featured Band: Capone - Live in St. Louis. The 80s called, they want tickets.

Capone played in Maryland Hieghts at Gameday on Dorsett this past week and I was lucky enough to attend and experience the truely entertaining, knock out performance fromdedicated following of fans.

Capone is full circle talent and lacks nothing when it come to "bringing it" on all levels.

Since my hotel room is about 20 feet from the bar, I had to go to the room and grab a camera and capture some digital imagery for you  fans of the hair era.